These are convenient, relocatable, magnetically attaching signs that use a rubber sheet as a substrate. It can be covered with a choice from a range of self adhesive sign graphics, for indoor and outdoor purposes. It is ideal to magnetically attach to existing metal surfaces such as car doors.

Magnetic Substrate. It is made from a flexible magnetic rubber sheet. Available in thickness of 0.6mm (for internal use) & 0.9mm (for external use), it can easily be cut into interesting shaped sign panels.

Self Adhesive Sign Graphics Media can be applied to the magnetic rubber to create the finished sign. We use a couple of techniques to achieve this.

Printed Self Adhesive Vinyl

Self Adhesive Vinyl Lettering & Graphics

Application. When applying to metal surfaces, it is recommended not to position the sign over sharp ridges as the rubber may be unable to conform. In the case of vehicles, signs in this situation could easily catch the wind & blow off.

Storage. Signs should be stored on flat metal surfaces. Any irregularities on the storage surface will imprint into the rubber of the sign. If this does occur, moving the sign to a flat metal surface in a warm position can correct the problem.   

Drawbacks. When used on vehicles, magnetic signs can be vulnerable to a number of drawbacks.

Highway Usage. It is not recommended to use magnetic signs on a vehicle while travelling on the highway. In this situation magnetic signs can be blown off by vehicles passing at high speed in the opposite direction.

Maintenance. Magnetic signs by their very nature collect metal filings from environment. When the signs get wet, these filing can rust. If left unchecked, the rust can damage the paintwork of the vehicle the sign is attached to. It is recommended that magnetic signs are removed and cleaned regularly and the vehicle’s paintwork is also kept cleaned and polished

Magnetic Signs

Lincoln Fresh Fruit & Veg internal magnetic labelling

Theft. Because of their ease of removal, magnetic signs can be a target of theft. 

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