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External shop signage does the job of attracting a potential customer through the front door. Once inside, there is a ideal opportunity to streamline these customers to a quick purchase or assistance by using attractive, well positioned advertising. Also our artwork and signage can be used to create or enhance the atmosphere you maybe trying to generate for your clientele’s shopping experience.

The following alternatives allow the complete internal fitting out of a retail shop or business premises.

Substrates The substrate of a sign is the backing panel onto which self adhesive sign graphics is adhered to. Because internal signs aren’t vulnerable to weather conditions, cheaper products with low physical strengths become viable options that can last indefinitely.

Signwhite Colorbond This is our most used, all purpose substrate. It is economical, physically strong and already painted.

Aluminium Composite Panel is a light weight panel available in a variety of coloured finishes. It has a foam PVC core with a aluminium veneer front & back. It is slightly dearer than the colorbond & is not as strong.

White Corflute Plastic. This is a low cost, corrugated form of substrate.

Foamed White PVC Sheet is a smooth satin finish plastic available in a range of thickness. It is light weight & easy to cut into interesting panel shapes.

Cast Acrylic Sheet is a high gloss, ridged plastic available in a large variety thickness and colours. It has the advantage of being able to be bent into different shapes. This makes it idea for desk top and wall mounted signs.

Self Adhesive Sign Graphics Media can then be applied to a selected substrate to create a finished sign. We use a couple of techniques to achieve this.

Printed Self Adhesive Vinyl

Self Adhesive Vinyl Lettering & Graphics

Other Printable Graphics Media Alternatively there are some other non self adhesive products that are printable and suitable for internal signage use:

Banners are a smooth printable flexible material.  They would make ideal forms of advertising for internal signage. You would only need to use the cheaper verities & they would also not require reenforcing like external banners.

Photo Printing onto gloss photo paper also provides a cheap way of creating internally displayed graphics.

3D Lettering & Graphics Some very attractive signage can be made for feature walls and general advertising, using this technique. Check link for details.

NewsXpress Beers Port Lincoln Shelf Labelling
EB Games 1

Fixing Substrates Ounce signs have been manufactured we provide a installation service by fixing the signs directly to the walls using plugs, screws, glue & double sided tape or we can mount them off the wall with a variety of spacers to create a attractive 3D effect.

Photo Gallery. Check out our Internal Shop Signage Photo Gallery.

Quotation. If you have any questions or would like a no obligation free quote, please feel free to contact us.

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