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Generally this method of signage involves the cladding of various rigid substrates onto framework, fixing to posts & erected into the ground. The cladding is either painted and or then covered with a selection from a range of self adhesive sign graphics media. These signs can be custom made to virtually any size or shape.

Local Council Approval All freestanding signs in the Port Lincoln area require Council approval. Use this link to download the necessary Development application form. If you need any other info about signs in the ‘City of Port Lincoln Council’, go to their website , type ‘signs’ in the search field & click search.

If you are outside the Port Lincoln area please contact your local council to check their requirements.

Cladding Substrates The substrate of a sign is the backing panel onto which the self adhesive sign graphics media is adhered to. We use the highest quality, externally proven substrates as per the following list:

Signwhite Colorbond. This is our most used, all purpose substrate. It is economical, physically strong, highly weather resistant and already painted.

Aluminium Plate Sheeting. This substrate can be more than twice the cost of the colorbond but is light weight, very highly weather resistant and ideal for the extreme conditions of coastal signage. In the thinner varieties it is a bit more vulnerable to denting & vandalism than some of the other substrates.

Galvanized Sheeting. Because of the range of thicknesses, this substrate can be very physically strong. It is also highly weather resistant. To create the ideal surface for receiving self adhesive sign graphics media, we recommend painting with 2 pack enamel. Unfortunately this increases the cost for this substrate. Though this can be proportionally minimised if the posts of the freestanding signs are intended to be painted in this way at the same time.

Stainless Steel. This substrate is the ultimate in strength, weather resistance & unfortunately price.

Weathertex Signboard. This is a economical, timber based substrate that is also highly weather resistant. Unfortunately it also needs to be painted to create the ideal surface. This again makes it more expensive than the colorbond option. The benefit of this product is that it can be easily jigsawed into interesting signs panel shapes.

Fixing Substrates We fix to the framework & posts using the highest quality fixings including stainless steel pop rivets, galvanised welding or galvanised & stainless steel screws / bolts.

Posts & Framework The bulk of our framework & posts are constructed from welded galv square tube. On occasion we might use galv pipe for a more aesthetic look. All welding and construction is carried out by qualified engineers. Also permapine may be consider for a cheaper or more rustic look.

Erecting on Site Generally we concrete the posts into the ground. For large scale freestand signs we have galvanised ground cages constructed. They are then concreted into the ground so that a base plates on the bottom of the posts can allow the structure to be bolted down.

Self Adhesive Sign Graphics Media Once a freestanding sign has been constructed and or painted, it is finished with self adhesive sign graphics media. We use a couple of techniques to achieve this.

Printed Self Adhesive Vinyl

Self Adhesive Vinyl Lettering & Graphics

3D Lettering. 3D Lettering & Artwork could also be used on these signs to great success.

Photo Gallery. Check out our Freestanding Photo Gallery.

Quotation. If you have any questions or would like a no obligation free quote, please feel free to contact us.

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