Boats & vehicles are a great way to get advertising out in the community.

Sign Graphics Media. We have a couple of different methods for getting graphics onto vehicles & Boats.

Vinyl Printing is the main way to achieve this.

Full Body Vehicle Wrap. This new specialist printable vinyl allows us to transform the entire paintwork of a vehicle into a mobile billboard. The larger the surface area, the greater the impact. We use a solvent ink printing process with a clear laminate in making our vehicle wraps. This gives the graphics an external UV life of 8 years.

We also use some cheaper printable vinyls which are designed to go over flatter areas (that is, it wont conform as quite well as the wrap vinyl to curving surfaces) These couple of alternatives have UV lives of 6 year & 5 years.

One Way Vision vinyl is a increasingly popular way of providing printed graphics to the back windows of vehicles. It has the unique properties of allowing drivers to see through the graphic while external viewers will see the advertising. Because it is see through, we can use the entire window area for signs. This is a short to medium term product & when clear coated will have a external life of up to 3 years.

Self Adhesive Vinyl Lettering & Graphics is another alternative for boats and vehicles. This method is often cheaper than printed vinyls. The best results can be achieved if your vehicle already has a bright colour paint job. In the high quality cast varieties, this form of signage has a external UV life of 7 years. (Metallics: 5 years)

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Boats & Vehicles

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