Vinyl banners create a highly versatile form of signage. Amongst its features is being re positionable, highly economical to produce and the ability to be attached to a variety of existing structures.

Local Council Approval All banners that are erected to exterior buildings and structures, in the Port Lincoln area, require Council approval. Use this link to download the necessary Development application form. If you need any other info about signs in the ‘City of Port Lincoln Council’, go to their website , type ‘signs’ in the search field & click search.

If you are outside the Port Lincoln area please contact your local council to check their requirements.

Printing. We use a solvent based ink printing process in making our banners. This gives the graphics an external UV life of 3 years in continual usage. Also if you have info that changes on your banner such as dates & time, we can provide that as self adhesive vinyl which can be removed & replaced.

We can print a virtually unlimited variety of artwork, lettering & colours. We can create new designs for you or use your existing graphics. 

Here is a list of banner vinyl substrates we use to print the graphics on:

Ultra Smooth Satin Banner 440gms (Internal / External) Ideal for most general sign banner purposes

Heavy Duty Satin Banner 800gms (Internal/External) Ideal for those banners being used in high physically stressed areas such as trailer tarps.

Budget Gloss Banner (Internal) Ideal for pinning up in internal shop adverts



Banner Size. Banners can range in size up to 50m x 1.2m without joins. Banners can be sewn together to increase these limits.

Re-enforcing Banners. All banners have the option for eyelets, hemming, rope sleeves or just trimmed to size for pinning purposes.

Photo Gallery. Check out our Banners Photo Gallery.

Quotation. If you have any questions or would like a no obligation free quote, please feel free to contact us.

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